4th June, 2018 – Ellie Evans

Ellie is currently working in an independent gift shop as a sales assistant and social media manager, alongside running her own social media agency Graceful Media. Her true passions and ambitions lie within Psychology however. Ellie studied her BSc (Hons) in Psychology at Lancaster University before continuing at Lancaster with an MSc in Psychological Research Methods, and graduated December 2017. While studying the MSc, Ellie worked as a Research Assistant for the Law School at Lancaster University. The research was exploring real life cases of male rape and sexual assault, and was featured on Channel 4 News. Between completion of her masters and her graduation, Ellie worked as a Research Assistant Intern at Cello Health Insight.

Even though Ellie is really enjoying what she is involved in at the moment, she is very keen on pursuing a career in the field of psychology. At the moment she is looking into gaining experience in a clinical environment – before deciding on whether to apply for a Clinical Psychology Doctorate or a PhD to then go on to Psychopharmacology.

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