18th June, 2018 – Tom Rozwaha

Hi! I’m Tom, a Trainee Clinical Psychologist from the North of England. I also founded PsyTweeps! My long-standing interest in psychology and the behaviour of others spurred me to take it at A-Level, and the rest is history. I went on to study a BSc in Psychology in Lancaster, and specialised in psychopharmacology and neurobiology during my third year.

I hit somewhat of a wall during my BSc – I guess I found the curriculum both too broad in scope and too restrictive regarding options, and blamed it on the subject rather than the degree scheme. I became disillusioned with the subject as a whole and chose to respecialise in neurobiology, going on to study for an MSc in Molecular Neuroscience at Bristol. Though I hadn’t studied biology since GCSE, and had a steep learning curve, I really loved the subject. In particular, I enjoyed the opportunity to develop my knowledge in the biology of sleep and circadian rhythms – a subject I’d really enjoyed studying from a psychological perspective at undergrad.

As much as I enjoyed my MSc, I quickly realised that I really missed the psychological, human element. I knew that I wanted to go into further study, so I applied for PhDs which encompassed both biology and psychology – and also applied for the DClinPsy (the UK’s clinical psychology training programme). I didn’t expect to get a place as the courses are really competitive. However, I was lucky enough to get an offer! I accepted immediately. Looking forward, I’d like to specialise in behavioural sleep medicine and clinical neuropsychology. I’m excited to curate!

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