27th August, 2018 – Helen Rodwell

Dr Helen Rodwell is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist.  She has been working clinically with children, adults, parents and families for over fifteen years in a variety of settings including prisons, community, primary care, social care, adult mental health and CAMHS.  Prior to clinical psychology training, Helen worked within forensic services and has a MSc in Forensic Psychology.

She currently works in independent practice where she offers psychological consultations and therapeutic interventions to children, parents and families alongside being a long-standing Expert Witness to the Family Courts.  Helen previously co-managed and worked within an NHS mental health service for Looked After and Adopted children.  She is a Certified Theraplay Practitioner, Associate Supervisor and Trainer.  Other modalities include Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP), EMDR, Systemic Psychotherapy, Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Approaches.  Helen also believes in the value of good neuropsychological assessments and formulations.  She co-authored, with Dr Viv Norris, the first book specifically for parents about Theraplay called ‘Parenting with Theraplay’ because there wasn’t one!  She has recently completed another two books:  ‘An Introduction to Autism for Adoptive and Foster Families’ which has been co-authored with Dr Katie Hunt; and, with Dr Karen Aldred, a CoramBaaf Good Practice Guide for Social Workers called ‘Supporting the Mental Health Needs of Looked After and Adopted Children’.

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